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Many of our public schools and independent programs lack the proper funding support to satisfy the demand of special services such as speech therapy, fine motor skills, life skills, work programs, etc. The economy is currently challenged resulting in budget restrictions. With SAF funding, our public schools can get back on track to help prepare our ASD Children for Life!

Early Intervention Programs: Early Intervention is the first and most crucial step to giving our ASD children the best odds of achieving independence in later years. Most states now have some level of Early Intervention programs that are designed to provide individual attention to challenged children presenting learning disabilities as well as Autism Spectrum Disorders. These programs are offered at the state level with contribution from the beneficiary and can be impacted by budget cuts. SAF recognizes the importance of these programs as the beginning of a long road to independence. Grants are awarded to supplement State funding to ensure the most cost-effective necessity. The Schrader Autism Foundation awards Education Grants to these programs as well as directly to the families who cannot afford the incremental expense of this crucial stage of development.

School Programs: Many school districts have implemented Special Needs Programs that effectively provide an Individual Education Plan (IEP) approach to addressing the learning challenges of our ASD children. These programs are available beginning as early as First Grade and continue through high school. Though these programs have proven to be effective in teaching and socializing Autistic children toward independence as they grow to adulthood, there is not a consistent presence of these programs, nor level of quality. The Schrader Autism Foundation is committed to independently, or in partnership, provide financial subsidy to these programs to move toward standardization and effectiveness.

Independent Work Skill Programs: Over the years, many great independent work skill schools have been developed in the private sector. They all have different methodology in teaching the life skills necessary to help maximize the potential for an autistic child, each with many great benefits. Research has shown the majority would be able to flourish and expand to assist more autistic children if they have the proper influx of funding. Many times, these independent schools are the third tier to transition to adulthood as the majority of public schools cut off support at 21 years of age. The Schrader Autism Foundation believes this is a critical need as it typically is one of the last efforts of parents attempting to give their child the best opportunity for independence.

Apply Online Today: Public and private early intervention programs, private and public schools and independent work skill programs, please apply today. You will be delivered an application package, and once submitted, you will be notified by our beneficiary specialists.

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