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The Schrader Autism Foundation (SAF) is predicated upon the fact that there are millions of ASD Adults that continue to Struggle To Learn and simply need the proper educational and employment opportunities to achieve independence. Today, we are faced with the largest population of Autistic children becoming adults dubbed the Autism Tsunami. This wave will only grow in the years to come as a new ASD case is diagnosed every 11 minutes. While the desperate and noble search for a cure continues, the parents of these now adult ASD Children are also aging. As the financial support and educational services end for their children over the age of 21, the need for their children to become independent in preparation for the family support to also dissipate is dire

It is the SAF Mission to prepare this Autism Tsunami for life as the need for their independence becomes more and more urgent with age. Corporations and Small Business sits on the front line to enable the continuing education and work skills programs necessary to achieve our Mission. It is through Large Corporate Donations, Partnerships and proactive commitment to the challenge of developing these programs now that enable our success.

Take on the challenge and show your commitment to their future today!

Monetary Support: Monetary donations are the easiest way to make a big impact toward our goals. Large monetary donations that exceed $100,000 establish recognition throughout most SAF Fundraising Events, Foundation Brochures and Grant Disbursement Documentation. Contact us for details.

Small Business Membership: Small Business ongoing Memberships are noted within the digital SAF Small Business Membership (SMB) Directory. Promotional recognition and SAF Supporter badges are awarded at various levels of Membership. Contact our SMB Department, or join online today!

Premier Event Sponsorships: Help SAF bring its event to life. Premier Sponsorships enable the success of large scale event such as our "Autism Independence - Struggling To Learn" event held in April of 2013.

Employment Programs: Let SAF guide your company toward developing internal Work Skills Programs and ASD Employment Opportunities. Post ASD Jobs on the Foundation web site and bring direction to a brighter future.

Corporate Partnerships: Partner with SAF to achieve our mission and yours. Our staff will work with your company to create custom partnership opportunities that are mutually beneficial. Contact us today to schedule a Partnership Exploration.

Tim Gerstmyer, Marketing Contact

The Schrader Autism Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. All gifts to the Schrader Autism Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Our Tax ID is 45-2474677
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