OUR MISSION: Registered 501c3 Non-Profit - To help provide financial subsidy to public/private schools and/or non-profit organizations that provide autism services, programs, advocacy for children/adults having Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs); To more effectively prepare ASD children/adults for independent life in today's society through education, assistance and awareness.

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The Concern - PROBLEM
The statistics are staggering, 1 out of 88 children born today are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): 1 out of 54 boys. Autism is a very real epidemic that is growing at a pace faster than any other affliction in today's society. Today we are faced with the largest group of ASD children reaching adulthood with minimal life skills dubbed the "Autism Tsunami". Parents of these ASD adults are now faced with having to find answers to the question; "What will happen to my child when I'm gone..?" There are simply not enough programs at the Federal, State and Local levels to support such an influx of unprepared and challenged individuals in the workplace.
The Mission - FOCUS
To provide financial subsidy to help support public and private schools, other Foundations and Programs, that focus on actual work skills, that help foster the tools needed to function in society; independently.; To independently, or in partnership, implement or enhance learning tools and life skills programs; To successfully prepare ASD Children for independent life in today's society.
The Solution - The Schrader Autism Foundation
The problem is identified and our mission is clear. The Schrader Autism Foundation (SAF) has built an extensive database of current and expanding supporting schools, institutions and work skill programs across the United States and Internationally. This proprietary database enables SAF to efficiently place donated monies in specific areas for effective results. The Schrader Autism Foundation "Bridges that Gap" by focusing on priority areas for improvement. We are a registered 501c3 non-profit,

We Are Here For Your Autistic Child

First Hand Knowledge to Helping the World Problem - My name is Linda Schrader, Founder and President of the Schrader Autism Foundation (SAF). As the mother of a wonderful and loving 24 year old autistic son, Gary John Schrader, I always found comfort in the fact that there are caring individuals and organizations that are focused on finding a cure. However, as the years of struggle seemed to be never ending, it became clear that my son would not be the beneficiary of that "wonder drug". And so, my worry for Gary John's future became more and more real with each passing year.

Like millions of families faced with similar challenges, SAF is dedicated to helping provide a path of hope for those with autism. Our vision is to help provide the means, education and emotional support to enable families to help their Autistic children achieve a quality of life, fulfillment and happiness through independence...independence that will relieve their loved ones of the concern that they may not be able to provide care for them in their latter years.

The wave of autistic children moving into adulthood is just the tip of the iceberg as, for reasons not yet understood, the exponential growth of Autism (The "Autism Tsunami") is very real. Hundreds of thousands of families are now feeling the pain of limited support, funding shortfalls and heart wringing fear for the future of their son or daughter. Those programs already in place provide tremendous support, but lack funding to expand to the next level and to reach and help more families in this increasing demographic.

I urge you to help us help families of autistic children to make their dreams come true. This is very real and close to my heart, and you have my promise and commitment to do everything possible to achieve our mission. With your help, we can do it together. We are a National 501c3 and rely on donations in order to help the Nation's Autistic Children moving into adulthood.


Linda Schrader
The Schrader Autism Foundation
Struggling to Learn, Inc.


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Our Main Efforts

    We help augment public and private school special services, such as life skill programs, that lack the funding or loss of funds from budget cuts. This is critical for continued knowledge toward independence.
    We help support public and private schools, other Foundations and Programs, that focus on actual work skills, that help foster the tools needed to function in society; independently.
    We help parents through supporting schools and other foundations that are in need of extra support services, for their services, such as specialized schooling for additional aid in work skills to help individuals gain the strong skills necessary to function in society.
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The Problem is REAL
Our Mission is CLEAR
The Schrader Autism Foundation

The Schrader Autism Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All gifts to the Schrader Autism Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Our Tax ID is 45-2474677